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  1. 1/2"F to 1/2"F
  2. 1/4"F to 1/2"M
  3. 3/8"F to 1/2"M
  4. 1/2"F to 3/8"M
  5. 1/2"F to 1/2"M
  6. 1/2"F to 1/4"M
  7. M22 M to 1/8"F
  8. M22 M to 1/4"F (29mm)
  9. M22 M to 3/8"F (29mm)
  10. M22 M to 1/2"F
  11. M22 M to M16 F
  12. M22 M to M22 F
  13. M21 M to 1/8"F
  14. M21 M to 1/4"F
  15. M21 M to 3/8"F
  16. M21 M to M18 F
  17. M22 M to 1/4"F (40mm)
  18. M22 M to 3/8"F (40mm)
  19. M22 M to 1/4"F (38mm)
  20. M22 M to 1/4"M (29mm)
  21. M22 M to 3/8"M (29mm)
  22. M22 M to 1/2"M
  23. M22 M to 1/4"M with AGR cone
  24. M22 M to 3/8"M with AGR cone
  25. M21 M to 1/4"M
  26. M21 M to 3/8"M
  27. M22 M to 1/4"M (39mm)
  28. M22 M to 3/8"M (40mm)
  29. M22 M to 1/4"M
  30. M22 M to 3/8"M
  31. M22 M to M21 M
  32. M22 M to M22 M (long version)
  33. M24 M to M24 M (700BAR)
  34. M22 F to 1/4"M
  35. M22 F to 3/8"M
  36. M22 F to 1/2"M
  37. M22 F to M18 M
  38. M22 F to M22 M
  39. 1/2"F to 1/4"F
  40. 1/2"F to 3/8"F
  41. M21 F to 1/4" M
  42. M21 F to 3/8" M
  43. M21 F to M18 M
  44. M22 F to 1/2"F
  45. M22 F to 1/8"F
  46. M22 F to 3/8"F
  47. M22 F to 1/4"F
  48. M21 F to 1/4"F
  49. M21 F to 3/8"F
  50. M22 F to M16 M
  51. M22 F to M21 M
  52. M21 F to M21 M
  53. M21 F to M22 M
  54. M21 F to 1/8"F
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Temperature (Site Cleaning)
  1. 120
  2. 150